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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tai Chi and Me

I did 30 minutes of Tai Chi today, and I'm pleasantly surprised that my back is feeling better. I've had lower back problems since I was a youth when I first injured my back. I pulled some lower back muscles again this past Tuesday doing a simple task...reaching down to get the nightlight out of the outlet in my child's room. I didn't pull it as severely as I have on previous occasions, but it still incapacitated me for the most part, on the second day particularly. I've felt better today in general since my back has had sufficient rest and I had been using my Better Binder to support my back and weak abs (they split during my 4th pregnancy). I was able to do so much more today, but I still needed to lay down a few times to rest my muscles so they wouldn't rebel on me. I felt impressed and motivated that I should try out my new DVD: Tai Chi Flow for EveryBody. I've had it for a few weeks, and I just seemed too busy to do it. Well, today was the day to try it. I went into it telling myself that I would be cautious and listen to my body. Gratefully, Tai Chi is slow moving and easy on every part of the body. There was a couple of movements that I was extremely gentle with or altered for by back.

I love Carolyn Cooper's explanation of how Tai Chi is connected to our body's different energy systems. I came away from my experience feeling much stronger and looser in my back. I didn't feel so tight and in pain. I love learning about and enacting changes to my energy systems!

If you're looking for a non-heavy breathing, seemingly light workout for your muscles and mind, I highly recommend Tai Chi. I'll try and report back here my experiences and how it's helped me.

Other things I've done today:
  • 10 Kegel exercises - I need to remember this simple thing every day
  • Drank 4 cups of green smoothie and lots of water
  • Ate lots of yummy, healthy Watermelon
  • Hugged my kids
  • Updated my blogs
  • Had a few minutes of quiet time
  • Read Fablehaven - book 1
  • Kissed my husband and went on a date
  • Stayed up insanely late trying to get my two-year old to get him to sleep