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Thursday, July 22, 2010


What I love about summer...

...eating cold watermelon and watching my kids let it drip down their chins
...all the summer fruits to eat and preserve
...watching the kids run through the sprinklers
...hearing my kids' squeals of absolute joy
...long summer nights where the sun finally goes down after nine
...watching the plants in my garden thrive
...picking raspberries from my own bushes
...making trips to the library with my kids for books to keep us occupied on really hot days a/c that keeps us cool and comfortable trips with my family to enjoy places outside of home
...walking in my home after being on one of those day trips and lounging around until dinner time
...learning new things with the children and not being on a schedule imposed by others
...holding hands and watching the sun set with my sweetheart
...relaxing under the stars and enjoying a quiet evening after the kids go to bed
...seeing my kids asleep after an exhaustingly fun day and know they'll be ready for it all again tomorrow

I posted the above on my family blog, but I thought it would be fun to share here too. I find it difficult some summer days to get up and get going because of the heat. Doing exercise, for me, is best when the sun isn't up yet or has just gone down. I tend to stay close to home when I exercise, but being indoors makes me feel cooped up. I love to be able to see what is outside of my own walls. What place(s) have you found that best suits your exercising outside of your house? Do you have an exercise partner that goes with you? How do you keep up your exercise routines in the heat?