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Friday, February 26, 2010


I've made some not so good choices this week in my eating. I only went walked on Monday morning. I've been busy, busy with my kids and our homeschool activities (I'm not sitting down all day), but I could use more exercise nonetheless.

My stomach is not feeling well today. I'm not sure if it's a "bug" or just something I ate yesterday. I'm hoping whatever is causing it is short-lived.

On a good note, my sister-in-law should be having her first baby today or tomorrow. They're inducing her due to her doctor's recommendation, but the baby will be here soon. We haven't had a new baby in the family since my youngest was born about 26 months ago. I'm excited for her and her husband!


debgraafsma said...

Brandi -- Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your journey of becoming more physically healthy. Knowing your steps is an encouragement to the rest of us who are also struggling with weight issues. Blessings!!

Brandi said...

Thank you! I'm so behind in everything it seems. I appreciate your encouraging words!

Penny said...

I didn't do well this week either. Just shake it off and do better this week. We can do it!

Brandi said...

Thank you, Penny!